Utel University and Edukasyon.ph Collaborate to Help More Online Students Get Access to Quality Online Education

A new partnership between Utel University and Edukasyon.PH has been launched to help more prospective students get access to quality educational resources and programs that can help them with their online education.

Utel University is a global digital native university that combines technology with education expertise to provide innovative, affordable world-class learning experiences that are 100% online. The university’s main educational model is to promote distance collaborative learning where students can have access to a 24/7 platform to study and align their schedule based on their lifestyle.

At press time, UTEL University offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees that are 100% online–with School of Management, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, and School of Engineering carrying some of today’s best online education programs.

Edukasyon.PH, meanwhile, is an education technology company that creates EdTech products to bridge the gap between teaching and learning in the digital world delivered with business excellence, individual passion, and team spirit. The company continually builds strategic partnerships with schools, corporations, and nonprofits to help various types of learners. At press time, Edukasyon.ph focuses on offering K-12 Tutoring in the Philippines and other parts of the world, ESL for K-12, and ESL for Adults. Utel University is part of Edukasyon.ph’s platform.

Get Access to Quality Online Education

The partnership facilitates the two organizations to work together and reach more students willing to pursue higher online education. In the pursuit of this agenda, Edukasyon.ph will provide Utel University with various services that can boost Utel University’s visibility across different platforms, reach more students online and offline, offer online assistance to existing and prospective students. The goal is to further introduce Utel University and its online education programs to students in the Philippines and beyond.

The partnership was spearheaded by Andre Gonzales, Corporate Partnerships Associate at Edukasyon.ph and Celso Santiago, Jr., Institutional Relationship Manager at Scala Philippines INC, servicing UTEL University in Asia.

Utel University and Education.ph are aligned in their mission to enable quality education for all – empowering the youth to make self-aware education decisions. Distance learning is a thing of the future that should be promoted and encouraged to help more aspiring students improve their educational background, career, and skillset while equally focusing on their lifestyle.

Quality education should be accessible to many, especially for aspiring college graduates and busy professionals who want to make a change in their lives, through access to education while not compromising convenience, affordability and exposure to an international stage.

With Utel’s decade of experience in delivering high-quality online education for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs globally – this partnership forges more opportunities for the Filipino youth to fulfill their goals academically and beyond. 

For more information about Utel University’s online education offerings for post-graduate students, visit the university’s official website. To know more about Edukasyon.ph and its various projects aiming to improve the quality of education in the Philippines, visit the company’s official website here.

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